Azalea Autumn Twist



The Autumn Twist Azalea has a unique ‘twist’ to every flower. They are light purple, but steaked, striped and spotted in dark purple so that every flower is a little different. Some have white margins, and others are solid dark-purple. You can have fun picking out all the differences you can find. This fast-growing shrub reaches over 4 feet tall and wide in just a few years, and it is ideal for foundation planting, adding to shrub beds, planting in wooded areas, or turning into an informal low hedge or screen. However you use it you will love its continuous flowering, from April to the first frost.

  • Fascinating flowers of light purple, each with unique dark-purple markings
  • Continuously in bloom from April to first frost
  • Ideal size for foundation plantings and shrub beds
  • Grows well from full sun to full shade
  • Easily grown in suitable soil conditions

The Autumn Twist Azalea will grow in full sun in zones 6 and 7, and with morning sun and afternoon shade in warmer areas. It also grows in partial shade, and light full shade too. It should be planted in moist, well-drained soil that is acidic, no more than 6.5 on the pH scale, and preferably lower. Keep well-watered during hot weather especially, and in zone 6 plant in a spot sheltered from cold winds. This plant has no significant pests or diseases and it is easy to grow as long as you have moisture and acid soil.