Pink Dogwood



Pink Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida var. ruba) will look fantastic in your landscape all year around. The leaves are deep green in the summer, and turn an eye-catching crimson in the fall. In the winter, the peeling bark stands out in grey and cinnamon colors, which is especially showy in a snowy yard.

But when we’re talking about a Dogwood, everyone knows that “spring is the season”. The Pink Dogwood will literally stop your neighbors in their tracks when it blooms in the spring. People will actually pull over check out that tree in your yard when the display begins.

These hardy trees are native to the United States and are one of the earliest trees to bloom. Let’s face it…everyone wants one because of the flower display.

To be honest, these super showy “flowers” are actually 4 flower bracts that surround that little flower. Those showy bracts can last for a long time and are 3-4 inches across!

They appear before the leaves in early spring. They’ll start out a light pink and deepen into rose pink as they age. Each tree then has multiple colors of pink blooming at the same time!

This fabulous variety would make a wonderful tree to plant for a little girl’s birthday.

But it’s not only beautiful in the spring. In the summertime, dark green leaves are very attractive. In the fall, the foliage transforms itself into varying shades of red.

People aren’t the only creatures who adore this pink flowering tree. They’ll produce small, bright red berries that the birds love.

It will even start flowering as young as just 3 or 4 feet tall. Talk about eager to please!