Hydrangea Endless Summer



Endless Summer Hydrangea is an outstanding plant for shady borders or to make a hedge or screen in any shady part of your garden. It has huge flower heads all summer which will be a gorgeous blue or a beautiful pink, depending on your soil and how you treat your plants. It will flower in areas much colder than those where other hydrangeas do – right into zones 4 and 5. It forms a plant 3 to 5 feet tall and as much across and is pest-free, resistant to deer and easy to grow in shade or partial shade right across America. If you live in a cooler region and have always wanted to grow mop-head hydrangeas, this amazing plant makes that possible for the first time. Even if you live in warmer areas where other hydrangeas grow well, you will want to grow this plant because it never stops blooming and will have fresh flowers all summer and right into late fall.

  • The hardiest big-leaf hydrangea – to minus 30 F
  • Huge mop-head flowers in blue or pink
  • Grows in partial to full shade
  • Perfect plant for shady corners of the garden
  • The best choice for cold areas


Plant the Endless Summer Hydrangea in partial or full shade anywhere in your garden. This is a great shrub for low-maintenance gardening, since it is easy to grow and flowers when most other shrubs have finished blooming. Even without flowers the big, bold leaves really fill spaces and make a great impact. This is the perfect hydrangea for cold areas and everywhere else as well.