Confederate Jasmine



The Confederate Jasmine is an evergreen vine with thin, wiry stems carrying glossy green leaves. It will grow to about 12 feet long, either spreading across the ground or climbing up trellis on a wall or across a fence. I spring it is covered completely in clusters of white flowers with petals arranged like the blades on a windmill. These give out a rich fragrance very similar to the true jasmine. Use it as ground cover under trees or in the sun, to cover a fence, or to grow up the wall of your houses. This variety is exceptionally cold-resistant, growing well beyond the normal range of the star jasmine.

  • Richly-fragrant white flowers in spring
  • Attractive, glossy evergreen leaves
  • Excellent as ground cover or a climbing vine
  • Reliably hardy in zone 7 and possible zone 6
  • Easy to grow in a tub in colder zones


The Confederate Jasmine will grow in full sun, with afternoon shade, or in light full shade – flowering is best with at least 6 hours of sun a day. It is fully winter-hardy in zone 7, while other varieties are only barely hardy in zone 8. It grows in any well-drained soil, preferring richer soils with a steady supply of moisture. However, established plants are tough and very drought tolerant in summer. Pests, diseases and deer don’t bother it, and it needs no special care or attention.