Rhododendron English Roseum



This classic Pink Rhododendron, English Roseum, is a larger shrub, perfect for background planting and filling areas beneath deciduous trees. Plant it on the eastern side of your home, sheltered from afternoon sun. A broad, evergreen bush with large oval leaves, it will be smothered every spring in huge domes of beautiful lilac-pink blossoms that add a touch of elegance and vibrant color to any garden. It blooms in the middle of spring, avoiding damage from late frosts. This beautiful plant is also more tolerant of both humidity and heat as well as colder conditions, than almost any other variety of rhododendron. Its flowers make a brilliant display in the garden, standing out like a glorious beacon beneath the trees.

  • Beautiful spring display of stunning pink blooms
  • Hardy to minus 25 degrees or more
  • Shade tolerant and thrives under trees
  • Large, dramatic evergreen foliage beautiful all year
  • Easy to grow in most garden situations

Use the Pink. Rhododendron English Roseum massed beneath trees, bordering the foundations of your home or in other locations around your garden that may not get a lot of sun. It grows best in acidic soil, but if you do not have those conditions, you can feed it twice a year with chelated iron, and fertilizer for acid-loving plants. Or it can be grown in a large pot, using soil designed for acid-loving plants. It has no particular pests or diseases, and deer usually leave it alone. This classic variety remains one of the very best flowering shrubs you can grow in your garden.