Rhododendron Anah Kruschke


Consistently rated as one of the most durable selections, the compact Rhododendron Anah Kruschke is a knockout with long-lasting spicy magenta red flowers opening from showy purple buds in spring. If you’re love the gorgeous leaves and blooms of broadleaved evergreen Rhododendrons, but suffer through long, hot, sticky summers, take a look at this variety.

Use this wonderful broadleaved evergreen variety as part of a mixed foundation planting or backyard landscape plan. Be sure to leave enough room for it to spread to it’s mature height and width. You won’t want to prune it and miss any of this fantastic floral show.

Get the best from this beautiful Rhododendron variety by selecting a well-drained site in dappled light shade. These are low maintenance, but they definitely need good draining soil. Sandy loam is great, but clay? Not so much.

If needed, create a berm or raised bed 18 inches tall, and amend the soil in that bed with both pine fine compost and perlite pellets. Did you know you can improve the drainage of your soil by either creating a raised bed or by “mounding up”? You’ll also “mound up” when planting. Your Rhododendron planting hole should only be about 2/3 as deep as the soil level. Leave about two inches of the root ball sticking up above the new soil level, then cover the whole thing with a deep layer of acidic mulch (pine needles are great!) Never let mulch touch the stem of your plants, just heap it in a circle all around that stem.

Rhododendrons are shallow rooted, so keep them well mulched with acidic mulches like pine needles and pull any weeds that dare invade it’s space.

Trust us, if you love the look of Anah Kruschke, taking these steps is well worth the time. This beautiful plant is so special. Order today!

  • Gorgeous Magenta Red-Purple Blooms
  • Deep Green Leaves
  • Low Maintenance In Well Drained Soil

Evergreen With Fantastic Spring Show