Crimson Fire Loropetalum




The Crimson Fire™ Loropetalum is without doubt the best of the dwarf red-leaf flowering shrubs. It has a broad, compact form rising to just 3 or 4 feet tall but packing a giant color punch. The bright red leaves hold their color through summer and winter, and the vibrant pink flowers in spring are an amazing ‘bonus’. It’s a great choice for smaller gardens, for tucking into existing beds, or in planters, and it fits everywhere, from formal to woodland.


  • The best of the dwarf red Loropetalum bushes
  • Naturally compact and dense
  • Brilliant pink flowers in spring, with some still there when frost arrives
  • Stunning rich red leaves hold their color all summer and winter
  • Reliably hardy in zone 7


Grow the Crimson Fire™ Loropetalum in light conditions from full sun to light full shade. This variety is especially reliable in zone 7, as well as growing in every warmer zone. It is adaptable to all well-drained soils, growing best in moist, rich soil, but showing remarkable adaptability. This easy-to-grow plant has no pests or diseases and it needs no trimming to stay compact and bushy